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All the resources you need to start your company this weekend

By Brian McAllester

<![CDATA[ G Suite by Google – This one is 100% essential and we recommend it to everyone we work with (and if we work together, we’ll absolutely get you set up on it!). This is a great baseline tool for your email, document sharing, calendar, and all sorts of great collaboration tools. Just do it, trust…

Three things you need to do when starting your new company

By Brian McAllester

<![CDATA[Here at Jetpack Group, we help our clients start and grow the things they care about. Over the last 14 years, we've learned a lot about what you really should do, what you might want to avoid, and learned a bunch of good lessons along the way. Here are three things we have found to be super…

Need to see the old version of your website? This might help.

By Brian McAllester

<![CDATA[When launching a new site for a client, we realized they had some old content they wish they had moved over earlier. We had kept the old site and server live in case anything like that happened, and were able to use a great DNS trick to have our computer look at the old version…